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Motability Adaptation Specialist

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Motability Adaptations

It is not always possible to show all the different products we do .

Perhaps it may be something you need modified or adjusted to suit your needs

To find out what we can do for you please call, anything is possible

We can supply and fit pedal guards to suit your needs, weather it maybe a single guard to cover the accelerator or double for both pedals.

These pedal guards are known as quick release they can easily be removed in seconds to allow able drivers to use the foot pedals.

This device helps you to make a sidewise transfer between a wheelchair and a car seat.

The Tip Up plate is foldable and can be stored behind the B-pole when not in use.

The Tip Up plate can be installed in vehicles with three and five doors, on either right or left front seat.

 Easy Release Hand Brake does exactly that – it makes it easier to apply and release the hand brake! The front handle pivots to depress the small button on your handbrake that many people with arthritic conditions or limited dexterity find difficult to operate