Swivel seats

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Motability Adaptations

Swivel Seats

Elap swivel Seat

The unit is available in four variants depending on the specific users requirements. Armrests are available as an option providing that security when necessary and are adjustable in their rake angle. The original seat can be refitted when required and no modification is made to the vehicle.

We now offer a new optional extra which allows the user to electronically recline the seat using a 2 way switch on the side of the seat.

Elap Traveller

The Traveller system can also be used as a standard rotating car seat when not utilising the wheelchair base unit. The Rotating Seat slides out of the vehicle onto a height-adjustable wheelchair base, allowing the passenger to remain in the car seat. Armrests are standard with optional lumbar support and memory foam available.

Turny HD

Makes it easy getting into and out of the car, by bringing the entire car seat out of the vehicle for easy access.

The Turny swivels the car seat out through the door opening and lowers it to a suitable position for transfer to or from a wheelchair.

The swivelling movement of Turny HD is manually operated. The Down/Up movement is powered and operated by a hand-held control.