Wheelchair storage

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Motability Adaptations

The  Wymo is a wheelchair stowage system which is fitted directly onto a roof rack and plugs into your vehicles cigarette lighter. It does not have a box to protect the wheelchair but is so versatile and easy to use, our customers swear by it. Can store a folding or fixed frame wheelchair and is a very affordable rooftop wheelchair stowage system

Stow or retrieve your wheelchair in about 30 seconds from a car-top compartment.

The Chair Topper stores a foldable wheelchair within about 30 seconds. The weather-tight compartment weighs 55 kg and can be mounted on most vehicle models. The total weight, including wheelchair, does not exceed 75 kg.

The roof box adds 54 cm total height to the vehicle and is available in driver- and passenger-side models.

•Quick facts

•Hand control operated

•Complete operation takes only about 30 seconds

•Aluminium frame. Base/top in ABS plastic

•Available in driver- and passenger-side models

•Low friction side tracks

•Sealed motors

•No exposed rivets on the exterior

•Fully enclosed to be weather resistant

•Integrated manual backup system